Marked for Magic Tour Day 5


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Welcome to day 5 of my blog tour.

 Do drop by and find me with Rosie Amber

I am also visiting the lovely Liza O’Conner
I will be with Liza for three whole days. I’ve a longer post there for you to enjoy. Do answer the palmistry question.

I am also appearing at
in the Fantastic Fables Event, where you will find a surprise if you go visit. Please cast your vote and do comment.

At both guest blogs I am offering a snippet on palmistry and an excerpt from
Marked for Magic.

And now for a bit of palmistry. Today’s hand type is the Air hand.

The Air hand has a square palm and long fingers. Those individual with this type of palm often have an abundance of clear lines in the palm. Air hand individuals tend to use logic more than their intuition. Those with an air hand are often clever, witty, curious and may be restless as they need mental stimulation to enable them to come up with the great ideas that typifies them. Air hand individuals enjoy most forms of communicating. They are clear in expression of their ideas and may well excel at working with the public. Air-handed people are usually good companions, easy to get along with, and calm. These people are often drawn to professions like teaching, writing and broadcasting.

Take a peek at your palm and see if you think it may be an air type. Do let me know if you think it is.

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2 thoughts on “Marked for Magic Tour Day 5

  1. So interesting! Thanks for sharing! I will absolutely pin all these posts.
    I haven’t studied the form of my palm but will do after posting the comment.

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