Cover Reveals. Marked for Magic for Beltane.

MarkedForMagic-1A very happy May Day to you and Beltane wishes to all who are celebrating today.

Welcome to day 3 of my Marked for Magic Tour. Today you can find me withWild About Bones her Cover Reveals.

There is an excerpt from Marked for Magic for you to enjoy.


Today’s bit of palmistry for you.

What type of hands do you have. Palm, depending on the version of palmistry you study are devided into different types. For this blog’s purposes we will keep it simple and for my benefit with the description think of them in the European traditional way as belonging to the four elements, air, fire, earth and water.

For palmistry purposes the element is represented by the palm shape, finger shape and length, knuckle types, nail shapes and skin type. A lot to remember.

Today I’ll look at the water type hand. These are complex palms with many lines because the water type individual is often a worrier, sensitive to environments and stress. They are often highly imaginative, empathetic and caring individuals. People with these types of hands are frequently found to be creative and artistic. You can find water type hands on both sexes.
The pure version of the water palm is sometimes oval-shaped, with long, flexible, conical fingers. The palm from wrist to the bottom of the fingers is usually shorter than the width across the widest part of the palm, and usually equal to the length of the fingers. These hands are delicate, with smooth almond shaped nails and soft smooth skin on the back. Some people call this type of hand the artistic hand, or even the spiritual hand as there is an element of spiritual striving within these individuals.
One thing I’ll say about hand types is the descriptions are of the archetypal palm, most hands are more complex than that, and it’s not uncommon to find hands that are almost but not quite the description. It’s there that a palmist has to use their skills in analysing the palm.

Take a peek at you palm and see if it fits any of this description of the water hand. I’ll be surprised if some of you don’t have this type of palm. I’d love to know.


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    • Thanks for commenting, Mae. My hand isn’t the pointy oval shape either. They are actually quite rare.
      if I can keep my dates right it will be fun.

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