Time for Tarot, The Fool.


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Welcome to Time for Tarot and today’s card is the one that starts the whole tarot journey off. The Fool.

I love this bright rendition of the Fool and think it is full of the symbolism of the character. A youthful male, sometimes the fool is shown as female, dressed in his best, carrying all his worldly goods in one tiny knapsack, strolls along a dangerous mountain track. His gaze is lifted to a clear sunny sky, he carries a dainty flower he has recently plucked and but for his companion, the tiny dog, snapping at his ankles in warning, he is oblivious to any danger. I like that little dog and think he is more important than might be first thought.

To my mind this card, which is the first of the major cards is very important. If it appears in a reading it is often thought to signify the questioner or a strong element regarding their question. The card shows new beginnings, ones often with an element of learning, trusting to luck, as the Fool does on his journey over rocky roads.

The story of the tarot follows the Fool’s journey until he gains enough wisdom to be himself. The Fool both starts and finishes the Tarot story. I think most people have heard of the saying, ‘fool’s luck’ or ‘beginner’s luck’ and sometimes it is possible to see such luck in action. There is a strong element of this attached to this card.

If this card appears then words of warning that all might not be as it seems, that there could be an element of unknown or unseen danger might be helpful to the questioner. Certainly a bit of a ‘heads up’ could be offered.

Through the tarot journey the Fool is offered many experiences in his search for wisdom there is always a strong element of developmental experience when this card appears in a reading. The Fool encourages people to follow their heart, to take a chance and accept what comes from it. There is a purity to the Fool, an innocence and child-like but not childish wonder at the world he discovers.

Reversed: A sign the questioner may indeed be being foolish, deliberately ignoring warnings of dangers in situations and being reckless. If the Fool appears reversed and the questioner can recognise what it is referring to, they might just step back from the edge of a serious situation.

As ever if the tarot interest you I would suggest doing further research on the cards as I only give a very brief outline on them.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks.


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  1. An interesting card. I like the idea that one should trust his/her ability, chance. It’s a positive thinking urge. Sometimes you need to trust in yourself if you want others to trust you. Thanks for the reading, Daisy. I abandoned for the time being the idea to learn Tarot, but who knows, in the future…. I will just read and learn from what you post.

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