A Blooming Lovely Monday. Forget-me-not.


Welcome and here is a bunch of beautiful forget-me-nots.
I love these small blue spring time blooms. Each one is like a winter dream come true. I have known them flower just after the snow has gone and in the shady spaces of a garden with the spring sun is strong. The vibrant shade of blue and the freshness of them are a true delight. The only thing I can say I like more among the spring time blues is Bluebells but more about them another time.

Flower lore for the Forget-me-not:
It is said forget-me-nots mean remembrance and can also signify true love. A Christian story about this flower says God once walked in the Garden of Eden, he was busy giving each flower a colour. He found a shy flower that whispered its name was forget-me-not. God said he would not forget the flower and even though he only had the barest scrap of blue left on his palette, he gifted it to the flower. The odd thing is forget-me-nots are shy flowers, preferring partial shade to full sun.

Another story about the flower is that a man and his sweetheart, who were walking beside the river, some say the Danube.
The couple saw and admired the beautiful blue flowers on an islet in the middle of the river. In an act of devotion and bravado the man leapt into the water to get the blue flowers for his love. The current was strong but he crossed the river and appearing triumphant to his lady, he bent and got the flowers. However, on his trip back he became caught in the power of the rapids, despite his best efforts he was swept away. In a last act of desperation his love should have the gift he’d gained for her he threw the bouquet of forget-me-nots to her and shouted “forget-me-not.” It is said the poor girl he wore the small blue flowers in her hair until the day she died and never forgot about him.

I like this next story better because it’s not so sad and full of mystery.
A long time ague a traveller crossed the mountains. At the foot of a tall, snow topped mountain, he discovered a flower he had never seen before. Intrigued by the brilliant colour he picked the flower up and found it had a soft fresh fragrance he enjoyed. The foot of the mountain opened up into a cavern full of treasures. In his surprise, he dropped the flower which said “Forget-me-not.” The mountain closed and the treasure was lost.
I like to think the treasure might one day be found.

I’ve a load of forget-me-nots in my garden today. They are busily flowering and providing colour now the daffodils have faded and the tulips have shed. Bright brilliant blue these shy little blossoms deserve a place anywhere you might want to honour the thought of remembrance of love.

Thanks for reading

Daisy Banks


8 thoughts on “A Blooming Lovely Monday. Forget-me-not.

  1. They look so lovely! I wish I could teleport and spend some time among your beautiful”kids”! Thanks for sharing the legends linked to this tiny but pretty flower! I loved both. There was a love song in Romanian, my mother’s favorite, about a young man who gives his sweetheart a “Forget-me-not”‘ while he climbs on the train. I don’t remember more, only that he dies in the end.

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. What a sad song, it is rather strange so many of the stories associated with spring flowers have a sadness in them. I’m wondering if I will find
      happier stories for the summer plants.

  2. I love forget-me-not’s Daisy. The ones in my garden came from my Mom’s garden so they mean even more to me.

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