Sunday Sexy Snippets: Rewriting the law. Part Three.

snippetsbannerWelcome to Sunday Sexy Snippets, thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers challenge of seven sexy sentences from either a work in progress or a published work. Click the button above to visit their web site.

My seven today come from section 3 of Rewriting the law, which will be published in the May collection of Sexy to Go. Enjoy.


No Melan female would think such terrible things, not even one elected to mate and breed. Could one act of mating reset her mind? How could she think this way about him?
The water! She drank the water he offered and everything changed. Her body had blossomed into a sensual powerhouse.


You can read section one and two of Rewriting the Law in Sexy to Go 2 and 3 available here.

SexyToGo_3DCover_BarnesNoble    SexyToGo3_2D_S

Volume 1 of Sexy to Go is available for 99 cents at present so why not treat yourself to some sorching hot stories.

Sexy to Go 1

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