Time for Tarot. Temperance.


This image is from the Gilded Tarot. Click to buy a set.

This is one of the major cards and has a very interesting influence on any reading. I love this image it is rather like she is capturing cosmic energy in the cups and making the flame into a substance that will flow like water. The mixture of the two substances creates something totally new. There are other images for the card Temperance but almost all have this feature of flowing liquid. So, what does it all mean?

The word balance is often used for this card, blending too can be applied to it. If Temperance appears in a reading it may reflect responsibilities in relationships both at work and at home, expectations of yourself and others, demands to be met and results to be dealt with. Energies are flowing and the right mix must be found to achieve success and the lesson that moderation promises achievement will be learned.

I like the card Temperance it has a peaceful feeling to it. Yes, the process of applying its qualities is not easy but if it is achieved then all manner of growth is possible.

As always if you are interested in the tarot I would advise you do more research on the cards. I can only give a little insight into them as I am still learning.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


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    • Thanks for commenting, Flossie. Yes, the Gilded Tarot has some fabulous images. I like the sense of something utterly new being created in this image.

  1. Balance, moderation and patience aren’t easy to master, unfortunately. I like the meaning of this card. Thanks for explaining, Daisy!

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