Tuesday Treat Marked for Magic.

nice strawberry ladyWelcome to Tuesday Treat and with the release day for Marked for Magic being two weeks today I had to offer you a little something from the story. Enjoy.

MarkedForMagic-1Their walk to the village uneventful, Nin’s surprise grew at how quick it seemed. For when she first trod this path, the journey had been the longest she’d ever made.
Had it only been two days ago?
The gate of the village palisade came into view. She halted because her knees shook. “Thabit,” she whispered, “you won’t let them kill me, will you?”
He paused his steps and shook his head. “You must have courage, Sparrow. Hold your head high when you walk with me. I swear, not one of them will harm you. Now come.”
She forced herself to calm, and once he had pulled the hood on his robe up to cover his head, they walked on.
All talk ceased as they entered the tiny market, made up of six wooden tables for stalls. The squawks of chickens and geese, a dog howling in the distance, the high-pitched wail of a child, all seemed loud. The villager’s silence continued. Keeping her head bowed and her gaze on the back of his boots, she followed close behind Thabit. He stopped at the end of the row of tables. She tugged at the straps on her shoulders and handed him the basket. He set it down at his feet and opened the lid to display the contents to those who may wish to look.
She longed to hide in his pocket.
Surprise, fear, and the odd flash of guilt, all lurked in the hostile glances toward her. A small boy who stared dropped the bread crust he chewed on and gave a furious yell. The day-to-day sounds of talk resumed as his mother dusted off his chunk of bread.
Nin sighed, glad things had not been worse on their arrival. The squat, wooden-framed buildings and homespun-clad people remained familiar. Nothing had changed for them. Such a lot had changed for her. They could have no idea how different she already was from the girl they drove away.
Aunt Jen walked straight by without a greeting, the small basket Nin remembered so well clutched tight to her narrow bosom. She bowed her head with sorrow. The censure of the mark remained.
Cousin Lettie approached and peeked up at Thabit. Though Lettie did not speak, her tiny nod in Nin’s direction before she bent down to examine the scarves gave a little hope for the future.
“Nin, you’re alive!” Alicia rushed across the squar

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