Blooming lovely Monday. The Magnolia.

Today I celebrate the sheer magnificence and beauty of the Magnolia.


Those of you who know me well know the last ten days or so I have been walking to the local shops as my car broke. One of the plus points in walking is the chance to admire things in the locality that you hardly notice when you drive. It has been my great good fortune to watch the swelling buds of two fabulous magnolia trees open in the sunshine. They are stunningly beautiful, so much so I pause and stand to admire them each time I pass by.

I’ve taken a little look into the lore associated with the Magnolia and it seems they are regarded as the flower of love, linked to Venus the goddess of love, they were known to the Chinese as the ‘jade orchid’. In addition to these things this ancient kind of plant, they have been around since before the ice age, has known healing properties in it’s bark. The heady aroma is said to help ease anxiety and in Japan some foods are wrapped in blossom petals and eaten.

I am very happy to say I have planted a Magnolia in my new garden and am looking forward to seeing it grow.


8 thoughts on “Blooming lovely Monday. The Magnolia.

  1. Daisy, I’m sorry to hear about your car, but it sounds like are making the most of your time strolling. I hope the magnolia you bought for your garden thrives! Happy Monday! 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting, Mae. Yes, the walking has been enjoyable even if carrying the shopping hasn’t. I will take care of my small Magnolia and hopefully it will be happy in its new home.

  2. The magnolia’s perfume is so enticing on a hot summer night. It’s fitting for the flower to be associated with Venus, goddess of love. I absolutely love the term “jade orchid.” How wonderful!

  3. It was fortunate, in the end that your car broke. I understand that there is a huge number of Magnolia species. I wish your tree to be in full bloom soon and fragrance the air, summoning the muse!

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