Sunday Sexy Snippets Rewriting the Law.

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Sexy Snippets, thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers challenge.

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This week I have chosed my seven sentences from my story Rewriting the Law, part one which appears in Sexy to Go Volume 3.


His breathing rate hiked up a notch in response to the tenderness of her body as she pushed her nude torso against him. By Kobis’ balls he’d never enjoyed anything as much as her little pleasured sounds when she brushed her breasts against his shirt and wrapped her arms around him. The whimpers she made while he rubbed her rounded rear under his palms thrilled through him.
The aroma she exuded was oh, so sweet, and fired his urgency. He tilted her a little on his arm, so he could stroke his fingers between her thighs to explore her pussy.
She quivered in his embrace when he spread her inner leaves and after a few brief muffled sounds she breathed into his mouth, followed by sudden stillness, she pressed firm against his fingers. Small growls sounded from her as she worked her mouth with his and returned his deepest kisses, offering him gulps of encouragement.


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Sexy to Go Volume 4 will be out very soon.

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