Time for Tarot Three of Swords.

 three of swordes

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Welcome to Time for Tarot and today’s card the three of swords. The image for this card is one that could well be frightening. A stormy sky, rain lashing down, and a red heart pierced by three sword blades. The image wouldn’t look out of place in a gothic type horror film. So, what does this card mean in a reading?

The three of swords tells of the questioner’s suffering. This card shows the individual is suffering emotional pain, something perhaps more damaging than physical pain. The heart, I think of it almost as the self, has been offered in good faith, maybe in a love situation, or a work situation, and some person, or group of people, has created suffering on a large scale by rejecting that oppered gift in a brutal way.

Yet the tarot is about a journey toward knowledge, empowerment and wisdom. These things can be the result of suffering, if an individual accepts the experience for what it is. They have no need to dwell on their sadness it is something that they will learn from if they are prepared to let it go.

If your questioner draws this dramatic card there is a kernel of hope buried within the meaning. Pain will be experienced but through it lessons will be learned.

Reversed meaning.

If you look at the card reversed the symbolism changes and the swords are dropping out. The causes of the suffering may be less important. Perhaps having dealt with a difficult situation the questioner is beginning to heal, to take charge of things and learn from their experience.

As ever with these posts I would urge you, if you are interested in Tarot, to do more research of your own to deepen your understanding of the cards.

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  1. Frightening indeed. I’d rather see it reversed in a reading. But suffering is something in our nature, condition, no matter what part of the world we live in. Thank you for the explanation!

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