A blooming lovely holiday Monday. The Hyacinth.

hyacinthWelcome to this holiday Monday post. Astonishing as it might seem after I said last week I had no pink flowers in my spring garden, this week I discovered one single fragrant hyacinth among the other flowers. It is pink, just like these in the image.

I think hyacinths are very beautiful and their scent is divine. Of course, with the legend of the hyacinth the beautiful fragrance shouldn’t come as a surprise.

I’m sure some of you know this tragic tale but if you don’t here are the bare bones.

ApolloThis is an image of the mighty Apollo, god of the Sun, light, music, law, truth and prophecy, healing, poetry, archery and more. Apollo is often portrayed as a young or youthful man with long hair and beautiful features. He appears in many legends and some of them don’t have happy endings for the mortals involved. Such is the case here.

Apollo fell in love with an exquisite youth, a Spartan prince named Hyacinth. This athletic and handsome young man was also admired by Zephyrus, god of the west wind.

A rivalry for Hyacinth’s affections arose between the two gods, and despite Apollo’s great power Zephyrus wouldn’t give up his attempts to charm the young man. Hyacinth made a decision and selected Apollo as his companion.

One day Hyacinth and Apollo were together practising throwing the discus. Apollo was trying to impress the youth and threw hard. The young man chased the discus. Jealous Zephyrus took the chance to blow it off course and the discus hit Hyacinth’s head.

The youth fell to the floor. His blood pooled on the ground and the young man died. Apollo in his grief for his loss made a beautiful and fragrant flower to remind the world of the loveliness of Hyacinth.

Such a tragic love story and a beautiful flower. I think hyacinths are a perfect addition to any Spring garden and am so pleased I have, at the moment, one of these delightful blooms.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


4 thoughts on “A blooming lovely holiday Monday. The Hyacinth.

  1. One of my favorite spring flowers. Either pink or blue or white. Their fragrance is simply intoxicating.
    Thank you for sharing the legend linked to it! I had no idea about the tragic story behind this lovely flower.

  2. I think hyacinths are a delightfully fragrant spring flower. I have several purple ones that bloom in my yard. It’s still too early for them to make an appearance, but I have seen the first tentative shoots of my daffodils. The weather is finally starting to warm in my corner of the world. Happy Monday, Daisy. I hope you had a lovely Easter!

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