A blooming lovely Monday. The Camelia.


At present my garden if blooming in the fine spring weather. The daffodils are golden and the tulips I inherited when I moved here have opened into glorious red blooms. The one colour I don’t have much of so far is pink. I also don’t have one of the most exquisite of all spring time plants, the Camellia. I will add one of these beautiful plants to the garden as I love them so much. Camellia’s come in a wide range of colours but I am a true sucker for the pink ones such as this one above.

For this blog I have done a little research into the lore of the camellia which is a native of the Far East where it blooms wild.

In China this plant is associated with pure love. The petals are said to reflect the spirit of a lady, while the calyx, the part that holds the petals, is said to represent a young man entrusted to be her protector. I think this is a lovely idea.
When the bloom finishes and the petals fall the calyx falls too, which is unusual. To the Chinese this symbolizes an eternal union between lovers. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

The camellia was introduced to the UK in the 18th century along with many other oriental blooms and it has remained popular since. In Victorian times, probably the high note of the language of flowers the camellia was associated with passion and love. Wearing one was said to help you find you perfect romantic partner, giving a bouquet of these flowers showed your affection for that person. The different shades of the flower had different meanings, pink = longing, red=the recipient sets your heart aflame, white=the recipient is adorable

I hope your garden is showing off its spring time colours, too. Thanks for reading.

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8 thoughts on “A blooming lovely Monday. The Camelia.

  1. A lovely post for this beautiful flower. The folklore associated with the Camelia is very romantic, but I wouldn’t expect otherwise. I bet your garden is gorgeous, Daisy. We are still waiting for warmth and spring to arrive in our neck of the woods, but I look forward to the day when I can see spring flowers pushing up through the soil!

    • It is very spring like and this morning wildly windswept as we had a bad wind storm come through in the enight. My lovely pots are all on their side so I’ll have to go out and pick them up.

  2. Oh, how lovely it looks! I envy your garden. Though I live in a house with a yard I don’t have a garden, unfortunately. It’s narrow and it’s covered in cement.
    I read that Camellia is the official flower of Alabama state. Interesting the symbol of love it holds.

    • Thanks so much for commenting, Carmen. Maybe some pot plants might liven your yard up if its wide enough, or a set of herbs is always nice. I lived without a garden for 3 years and I longed to have a garden again all the time.

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