Sexy Snippet Sunday A snippet from Rewriting the law, my story in Sexy to Go Volume 3.

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Welcome to this week’s Sexy Snippet, thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers challenge of offering seven sentences from a work in progress or published work.

What a busy week it has been. Timeless remains a free read for Kindle and Nook. I’m also thrilled to say Marked for Magic will be available on the 28th of April and I will have another release out for you later this year, but more on that in future weeks. Today’s snippet comes from my story Rewriting the Law which will be in Sexy To Go Volume 3, available in the next few weeks. As yet there are no buy links but I’ll tell you as soon as this compilation goes live.  Enjoy.

SexyToGo3_2D_S“I’m certain you can’t own me,” she mumbled, as he pressed a kiss to the hollow at the base of her neck.
Now, the details of the Ritwillner Concourse, or the debate about Jagan ownership of a captured off-worlder he wasn’t quite sure of in his present state, but whatever her origins, she stood here, in his bakery, naked but for her high laced black boots. This delightful male free female, who bore no other’s scent mark, her body pouring out sweet and seductive pheromones, she was meant for him and him alone. The great god Kobis knew he meant to be a fair and just male. Interplanetary rules be damned, this female fulfilled every aspect he’d ever heard of as a potential mate. He’d tasted her arousal and her soft voiced words had grown more uncertain each time he touched her. She was his.

Of course you can read Sexy to Go Volume 2 right now. Available here and at all good retailers.







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