Time for Tarot. The Hanged Man.

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Hanged Man

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Today’s card is one that offers a confusing image. The Hanged Man. This image of the card is from the Enchanted Tarot, a pack I use, and this is the card I drew for today’s post.

Looking at the card offers a strange conflict. The man dangles in space, bound in this case to the tail of a dragonfly. He is not struggling to escape his uncomfortable position. Almost as though he is willing to see the beauty of the world from an alternate view point he appears to accept his situation.

When this card appears in a reading it can take a little bit of deduction to discover the meaning for a questioner. The card may be showing the questioner is in a situation where they must wait. Whatever they might wish a time of introspection, of viewing their circumstances and situation. The questioner might need to make sacrifices to achieve their aims, or to accept they must adapt to changing circumstances.

There is another meaning this card can offer, that of a another person manipulating a situation and deliberately blocking progress. The question needs to consider this if it seems logical to them. The card may mean it is best to step back from disagreements and confrontation if possible.

With this card in a reading the advice is relax in a situation, let go and take time to think things through. The solution will come but it might not be quite what you had envisaged.

Reversed Meaning.

When this card appears reversed the questioner is at a crossroads with stark choices, do it or don’t. They need to look at the situation to make the best decisions for them. Sometimes the best decision may be to do nothing at all and allow events to unfold.

As ever I would urge anyone who finds the Tarot interesting to do more research of their own into the card meanings as I can only give a basic idea behind the cards.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


6 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. The Hanged Man.

  1. It’s always hard for the message to be to wait, or look at things from the opposite perspective, or give the situation over to the universe and not try to take action yourself right now. We always have a tendency to want to fix things. This card reminds me of Odin hanging upside down on a tree. Thanks for highlighting this card, Daisy.

  2. Thanks for the reading! I think I wouldn’t like to see it in a reading. Perhaps everything I plan to do is hanging on a thin thread, that is at risk. This is what it suggests to me.

    • Thanks for commenting, Mae. I agree. I have always found the message of this card difficult to understand. I’m not the most patient of people and perhaps that might be why.

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