Tuesday Treat N for Nin.

nice strawberry ladyWelcome to Tuesday Treat. This week’s treat comes from Marked for Magic, but before I share it, I am thrilled to say the book is featured by Rosie Amber as part of her

120px-Rosa_Anne_Harkness2015 April Challenge.

When Rosie gets to N she will be looking at Nin, my heroine in Marked for Magic.

MarkedForMagic-1Marked for Magic is available the 28th of April with Lyrical Pres, a Kensignton Imprint. To pre-order the book click the cover.

And here is my offering for your treat. Enjoy.

The Mage still paced, giving her an occasional glare. Rebellion broke through the fear. “I’ll try to think of a way to move on, shall I? Find a place to go. Until I can, I’ll do what you ask.” “No need to sound so resentful. The facts are exact.” The sneer rubbed at her wounds. “You cannot go back to the village. The castle would not touch such a one. You have no gift, and even if you did possess an elemental skill, the lady may well say you are too old to be trained.” He arched a dark eyebrow. “Though I am sure the garrison would not be too squeamish to accept your services. Hold your tongue, or I’ll send you to them.” A shiver of horror ran over her, for she had no doubt what he meant. Agnes’s breathy, lewd descriptions still echoed in her mind. She shut the vile thoughts out when he spoke again. “You do not have the talent to work with me. You are not one thing or the other.” Slowly, he appraised her. “No, maybe not even the garrison would make allowances for such a grubby wench.” A blaze of anger surged to help her rise from her trembling knees. He was a brute. True, maybe right now she was dirty, but he didn’t have to say so. How would he have fared in the cage? Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders. “No, I won’t stay here, not with you. I’ll leave. I’ll do as well if I take my chances in the forest.” She turned to make her way out of the smoky, torch-lit room. “No, girl, there is no need. I will not have your wolf-mauled corpse on my conscience.” His tone of pained resignation stoked her determination. She reached for the door. “I said stay!” The forceful shout stunned her for an instant, but she spun back to face him. Let him do his very worst. People had yelled at her all her life. A woman now, even if she was cursed, she’d put up with it no more. “My name is Nin, not ‘girl.’ If I stay here, you won’t shout at me.”


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