A Blooming Lovely Monday. Forsythia.

Forsythia_flowerI couldn’t leave this blossoming shrub out of my list of springtime beauties. These brilliant yellow bell like blooms announce spring is taking hold. Forsythia is a very welcome addition to any garden and if tended well will provide years of early spring delight.

I have found little real flower lore about forsythia, bar the fact some people regard it as unlucky to bring the blossoms into the house. This is a common thread regarding many spring bloomers. Also it is said that there may be three more snowfalls to come after the forsythia blooms. I’ve not found that so in my gardens but I’d love to know if you have.

The main information I have found on forsythia is that many vegetable gardeners use it as the sign that they can go on and plant their vegetable crops. I’ve not done that but I might see what results I get if I do. I can say I have always found this shrub a glorious show of colour that compliments daffodils perfectly as it announces the turning of the year and offers the promise of warmer days soon.

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Daisy Banks


8 thoughts on “A Blooming Lovely Monday. Forsythia.

  1. Lovely looking plant. I only know that, as it’s not poisonous, it is used as medicine by Chinese.
    Does it have a special fragrance?

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. As far as I know Forsythia isn’t poisonous and there are fancy varieties of it with fragrance. I don’t recollect a special fragrance
      with the one in my garden.

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