Sunday Sexy Snippets.


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Welcome to Sunday Sexy Snippets. This week with Timeless being up as a free read I meet the Nuthouse Scribblers challenge by offering you seven sexy sentences from that story.

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Here are your seven. Enjoy.

He yanked the expensive business trousers from her. The scent of her arousal was unmistakable and the need for her raced through his blood.
Damn it, she’d think him a savage, but he could scarce stop. He tore the underwear away, and the sweet smell of her made his mouth water. “Yes, you know what I need, you know I need you,” he whispered over her stomach, opening her thighs so he could enjoy all of her.
Soft little whimpers left her, as he parted her folds and tasted her with a sweep of his tongue, and she arched against him. “Not yet,” he whispered, smoothing his palms over her silky thighs.

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