Thursday’s Tuesday Treat.

Welcome to Tuesday Treat.

nice strawberry ladyYes, I know its Thursday but I had to move this week’s treat as it was  St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday. Your treat today comes from Firts Contact, my story in the second volume of Sexy to Go. There are ten other authors you know and love offering sensual and very sexy  stories too.

SexyToGo_3DCover_BarnesNobleExcerpt from First Contact.

She waited, her sensitized skin cooling. The surroundings remained hazy, as if looking from the inside of a bubble suspended in space and time. “Are you still there?”
Thankful she could move she shifted position on the seat, her buttocks peeling off the warm leather. Not nice.
A new glow of light appeared expanding fast from the screen into the bubble. The white glow grew larger.
She plastered herself as far back as she could on the seat. “Is that you?”
“Yes. I have been given permission to work with you. I can touch you as you wish.”
She narrowed her eyes against the pulsing incandescent light. “You’re too bright.”
Immediately the gleaming brilliance dimmed.
“Is that an improvement?”
“Yes.” How weird she didn’t bother with speech. Thoughts were quicker. She peered into the globe. “I can’t see you.”
“No, but you will feel my presence. My touch.”
A tendril of light wavered and reached toward her face and the gentlest feather-light caress brushed against her cheek. “Oh.”
“Your skin is softer than I’d imagined.” His whisper stroked her senses.
“You’re real. Truly here.”
“In part. Yes, I am real. I want you to relax. Your heart rate is far too high. Are you distressed?”
She shook her head. “Excited. Scared. You are real.”
“Please, become calm. If you do not control your reactions, all my readings will be considered inaccurate.”
“Doing my best.” For several seconds she breathed deeply and tried one of her meditation exercises. Months of yoga and at last they were proving useful.
“Better. I have a base reading and this is closer to it. I want you to maintain this level while we work, until I tell you not.”
“What are you doing?”
A caress followed his words. She sucked in a great breath, at the touch of something so smooth over her arm, up onto her shoulder, along her collar bone and down onto her breast. Like oil on water the caress floated over her skin, smothered her breast until her nipples tingled and throbbed in her eagerness he should reach them. The incredible touch paused before it diminished in scope until like a hot droplet it clung weighty. “Oh, God.”
“My readings indicate you like this.”
The incredible sensation moved to her other breast, cupped it in a tender grip, massaged and gently tightened, pulling down until it gripped the base of her engorged nipple. A ball of tender heat now hung from each.
“Clancy, your heart rate is raised. Control it, please.”
“No chance.” She squirmed on the seat. The rest of her body ached for a taste of him.
“I see. I need to record your responses.”
She waited. His grip remained the same. More pressure would have been welcome.
“We will continue. Well done, your heart rate has lowered a little.”

If you enjoyed that little read you can also find me at Silken Sheets and Seduction today.


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