Time for Tarot. Strength.


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I love this image from the Gilded Tarot. The girl appears to be in total control of the fierce looking lion at her side and he appears to be happy to be with her. Together they face the evening sky and all things that may come.

The key words for this major card are positive energy, control, will power and vitality.

In the tale of the tarot the Fool encounters a fair and fragile maiden who is accompanined by a huge lion. The Fool asks why she will walk with such a beast beside her and why the lion does not attack. Her answer is that she wills it so. The lion accompanies her as he seeks her control, she allows him to for she seeks his energy to help her in her journey. An incredible combination of two kinds of power, one raw and savage, the other restrained and strong willed.

If this card appears in a reading it often relates to issues of self control, dealing with the inner fears perhaps. The questioner is reminded that within themself they have the strength to take charge of a situation and make the changes they wish. This will be accomplished by a gentle expression of inner strength, not by brute force. You have the strength within you, your fortitude may be tested but your resolve will triumph. This card encourages you to learn more of your spiritual self.

This card in a reading can also offer encouragement to those recovering from illness for it shows vitality of the body as well as the mind.

Reversed meaning.

If this card appears reversed then the lion is on top. The base and beastial is in control. This is a difficult situation for the questioner and will require some serious soul searching to resolve. It may be they have been timid in their response to a situation, perhaps let someone walk all over them and their wishes. Such a situation is rarely beneficial and should be addressed.

Having said the above I have just realised that in all the years I have used the Tarot I can’t recall having ever seen this card reversed.

As always I would encourage you to do your own research of the tarot if the cards interest you. My explanations here are only surface level and there is more depth than I can adequately describe in a single page.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


6 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. Strength.

  1. It’s a beautiful card. I love the details in the lion. I use the Robin Wood set myself, so that’s a whole different style of drawings. This card actually comes up in many of my readings. Apparently the cards are convinced I have it in me 😉

    • Thank you so much for commenting, Liz. This is a good card to have in any reading and yes, if the cards are showing you your strengths you no doubt have it within you.

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