Time for Tarot.

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Today’s card is the six of wands. This image is from the Rider Waite designs and is one I enjoy. I think the image conveys the sense of triumph and success with the laurel wreathes and the wands. It’s rather like watching a procession welcoming a returning hero. This is a very positive card no matter the question you may have asked for guidance on.

If you draw this card in a reading be prepared for success. It may come to you at last after a lot of effort, or it may arrive quite suddenly from an unexpected quarter. The one thing is, have no doubt, recognition for your efforts will be yours. Take the time to savour your triumph and share your success with friends and family. Such moments in life should be celebrated.

This card can also indicate a physical move, or changes are about to happen. These will be positive alterations to circumstances.

If you have been in a difficult or trying situation this card offers you hope that you will achieve your goals.

Reversed Meaning.

When reversed this card warns a goal may be delayed or perhaps blocked by someone else. You need to consider the possibilities of a challenge to your aims. This card can also warn you not to rest on your laurels, or to consider yourself having reached the top. Don’t be pompous about success but neither be timid when striving for your desires.

As ever I would say the meanings I offer here are a limited exploration of the card. Do research into this card and you will find more meanings to it. Also, as ever, the combination of cards in answer to a direct question will influence the meanings in a reading.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


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