Tuesday Treat – something new.

nice strawberry ladyWelcome to Tuesday Treat. This week I am experimenting and offering you a sneaky peek at one of my works in progress. This began life as Chapter 2, but on consideration I think it is Chapter 1 of my latest historical story. Do remember this is a work in progress. It is raw and unedited. I hope you enjoy it.

Evangeline lost count of the staircases and doors before the pushing, shoving and shoulder barges ceased as they entered a wood panelled room with striped drapes at the window.
“Strip the young lady, and I’ll get the hot water brought up.” The vile voice, belonging to the one who’d dared to call her names, ordered the other two wenches.
She did nothing to stop them removing her clothes, would be as glad as any of them no doubt, to see the back of the rags. Still no one unbound her hands and she’d not beg. No, I’ll not beg.
“Throw a sheet or something around Miss while the gentlemen fill the bath.” The same savage voice called from across the room.
Suddenly conscious she stood naked, and half the household would probably troop up here bringing pails and jugs, Evangeline clung tight to the thin linen of the sheet a little maid wound around her. Angling her head away, she let them all do their tasks without uttering a word.
The soft whisper stung her pride and she turned to the small wench at her side. “What?”
“Your wrists are bleeding.”
“I can’t turn the blood off.”
“Let me help you?”
She faced the innocence in those pale blue eyes and wanted to scream, to fight, to yell and to be free of it all. “No, stupid. You can’t help me. No one can. I’m the family sacrifice and if I bleed it’s what they want. Go back to the kitchen.”
“Daisy, don’t talk to her.” The tallest of the three maids stalked across the room.
The maid servant with the wide blue eyes cowered.
“I’ve known her sort before. They think they are better than us, but they don’t stick to the rules. They always end up the same, less than us and a drain on their family.”
Eva looked down to her hands. Her blood had stained the yellow cords red in places, some had dried to a rusty brown, but mostly her wrists looked red.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Treat – something new.

  1. Definitely strong placement for chapter one, making your reader curious enough to keep turning pages. She is really in a mess of a situation, it seems!

  2. Yes, yes, it sounds a perfect chapter 1. Making readers curious to find out what’s wrong with the young Miss. Her frustration is well described.

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. I’m glad her frustration came through to you in such a short snippet. This ‘miss’ is not the norm at all for her era. I hope readers will like her
      despite or because of her many flaws.

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