Sexy Snippet Sunday

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Welcome to Sexy Snippet Sunday. This week I’m offering a snippet from  First Contact, my story in the Sexy to Go Compilation, Volume 2.

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Here are my 7 sentences for the Nuthouse Scribblers challenge. Enjoy. Well actually today there are 8 but that’s because they are mostly very short so I thought an extra one wouldn’t do you any harm. Enjoy.

She writhed against him enjoying the pressure of his chest against her. Hooking her leg around his she shoved against his swollen cock.

He lifted his mouth from hers. “Sex?”

“Yes. But not here.”

He swept his palm up her leg beneath her skirt. “Why not?”

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    • Do you mean the story for Sexy to Go 3? I am editing it at present. This historical thing has been knocking around a couple of months.
      I know how I want it to move on I just have to do the work. What I’m not certain of is the mechanism for making it bloom at the end. Working on it. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting.

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