Today I am gardening.


A very brief post for you. Today I am not writing but gardening. The weather here is good enough to put in some spring plants. I might just catch the last of the full moon energy to help the plants settle and thrive.


Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.

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4 thoughts on “Today I am gardening.

  1. Lovely daffodils. It brings to mind Wordsworth “Ode to the Daffodils”. My favorite. I always encouraged pupils to try and learn it by heart.
    Here the weather’s cold too. A spell of bad weather came from Mediterranean areas. Have a nice gardening day!

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. Yes, I’ve seen Italy has some bad snow and France. The UK has rain this weekend in the north but we had lovely warm sunshine yesterday where I live.

  2. Daisy, I am so jealous. We have had our coldest temp for March on record today—zero degree. Ugh! My drive to work was over roads packed hard with snow. Your beautiful daffodils make me long for the first signs of spring. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before my lovely flowers make their first appearance in my yard.

    • Thanks for commenting, Mae. Do drive careful over that snow stuff. I know much of the northern hemisphere is still very cold. For some reason the UK seems to have missed this. No idea why. I hope you get some warmer temps soon and your lovely Spring flowers too.

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