Friday: Just for Fun.

yourheartmysoulThis story is one of my favourites. I had great fun when I wrote it and it was the first story Liquid Silver Books accepted from me.

Today I thought as it’s Friday and we all need a little fun I’d share one of the scenes I love best with you. This is where my long lost lovers meet for the first time in a couple of centuries. They have found two individuals capable and willing to host them for the time it takes them to do what they must.

I hope you enjoy this little excerpt.

T’was truly the loveliest smile to grace the world since the Lord did lay its foundations. “What yer done to yer hair, my bonny wench?” he asked. “I think I liked it better fair.”
“My love?” The spoon she held halfway to her lips clattered onto the table, the creamy stuff on it pooled, pink and white. Sally rose, opened her arms, and took two steps toward him. “Will, is it truly you?” She clutched him tight, fingers burrowing into his back, breasts pressed tight to his chest. Kisses warm on his face. “Oh, thank God!” she said.
Such joy, aching desire, all poured through him, raised his blood to pounding, sent flushes of tingling delight to his loins. Having found her he’d keep her forever. “I swear yer the tidiest bit ‘o skirt this dock’s ever seen. I’ve been like one dead wi’ out ye, my wench.”
“Hold me tight, my lover, please?”
Warm as a dove she nestled on his lap; she wept and laughed at the same time as he sat with her wrapped full in his embrace. Lovesome she rested her silky head on his shoulder. Gentle as a flower her palm caressed his face and she smoothed her dainty little fingers on his skin as her tears flowed.
The bitter world set itself to rights, and he had to swallow past a lump in his throat. “Where ya been, my girl? Such a long time it’s seemed I’ve waited for ye. But I knew I’d find ye again. I knew my wench wouldn’t maroon me alone.”
Comforting her as she sobbed against his chest, it were a joyful, delicious pleasure. The warmth of her, the slight weight of her sat on his broad thighs, a thing as sweet and perfect as he’d dreamed of night on lonely night. His precious wench, and finally after so long, now he held her, and he could kiss her in the way he’d planned.
He glanced around the dim lit room to see who else might be about, but the one couple had left, the other were lost in their own conversation and besides they had their backs to him and Sally.
A right queer thing it were, but to see a couple in love, it were always like they had no thought on anyone else. An’ nor did he, but to save his lovely from any who might call shame, for he’d the intention o’ kissin’ her like he’d not ever done yet.
“My, dearest, sweet angel,” he whispered into the well of her ear. “I love ye.” Gentle, so she’d not be fearful he brushed his lips over her cheek, sought her mouth with his. The taste of sweet sugar met him when she opened her lips, her tongue raspberry tart greeted him and his blood soared. The roaring forties howled in his ears, and he couldn’t help but moan. Tongues entwined, she breathed with him stealing his strength until he swayed unsteady on the seat, like he’d done the first the morn he’d woken at sea.
He caressed her, their lips moving in unison, the warmth of her mouth making him ache to take more of her, all of her, now. Slowly, he lifted his mouth from hers. Though he held her as tight as he ever had, the kissing should stop for the present, they weren’t yet wed and he’d not dishonor her. “My little darlin’,” he whispered smoothing his palm over her hair. “We shouldn’t, not tonight. We’ll have time enough once we’re wed.”
Dazzling, her gaze lifted to his, blinding him like the hot southern sun on the waves. “Will, my dearest love, my only love. We’ll be wed as soon as maybe. But now I think, yer tired. Yer must be.” Feather light her lips, she kissed his eyelids. “Rest ye now. I’ll call ’ee when ‘tis time to stir,” she whispered.
How she knew he struggled to stay wakeful here, even in the joy o’ findin’ ’er, he’d not fathom, but she were right. Even though he held her and caressed her, the battle with the tiredness continued, he had to rest his eyes, let his muscles relax too, even if it were only for a moment.

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4 thoughts on “Friday: Just for Fun.

  1. Is it a reincarnation story? So it sounds to me. I enjoyed the excerpt, the tenderness he displays, though her action intrigues me a bit. Has she drugged him?

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. It’s not reincarnation but spiritual possession for a short period. His tiredness is because he is communicating with her and
      not following his usual haunts so to speak. I think some spirits seem to be like they are stuck in a rut and any change challenges them. I had the idea maybe it
      might be tiring to break a two hundred year habit.

  2. A lovely treat for a Friday, Daisy! I think there is special fondness author’s have for the stories and characters that give us our first sale. I know I feel like that about my first sale to Lyrical. Happy Friday to you and your lovely characters! 🙂

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