Time for Tarot. The Queen of Cups.

queencups gilded

Welcome to Time for Tarot and today’s card, the Queen of Cups.

I drew this card when thinking of what post I’d write today and a lovely card it is in so many ways. The suit of cups element is water and here in this image from the Gilded Tarot, click the image to buy this deck, the queen stares from her balcony over wide expanse of ocean. In her hand she holds a golden cup another symbol of her element. I rather like how in this image she might almost be offering the cup to another person just out of the picture. Something this queen would readily do.
As one of the court cards the queen is sometimes used as a signifier for a person, usually a mature woman with light hair. The suit of cups relate to emotions and so does the queen.
This card is linked with the astrological sign Cancer and many of the queen’s qualities are similar to those in this star sign.
Empathetic, imaginative, creative, intuitive, psychic, sensitive, this queen represents all these things and more. She will offer aid to those in need, is touched deeply by the suffering of others and absorbs their pain. The woman this card represenst will do all she can to alleviate suffering for others. She is highly feminine, will be devoted to her family and incredibly protective of her off spring and her spouse. Some of this quality of caring will overspill to her wider acquaintance and she will prove a loyal friend.
Issues the above traits can raise may cause some problems. The wish to care for others can sometimes seem stifling to them, the woman this card represents must take care not to smother people with her love. Likewise she can be secretive if she feels it’s in the best interest of those around her, this leaves her to deal with life’s problems alone. She has to work on communicating with those she cares for so much.
Another issue can arise because this person gives so much and absorbs other’s woes she can suffer for her kindness and needs to guard against depression, or if her offers of assistance are not appreciated feelings of lowered self esteem.
If this queen makes an appearance in a reading, look to the emotions in any situation for an area which may need the questioner to consider.

As ever  when I write these posts this is just an introduction to this card. Please do research it yourself to discover more. Meditating with the card is also a good way to get to know the queen.

Reversed meaning.

This card reversed sees the queen swept into a deep emontional tide. A reversed card may show loss of control, loss of the finer qualities of the queen so her compassion and caring are domineering, her energy may have turned to anger and she is unreliable.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


6 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. The Queen of Cups.

    • Thanks for commenting, Mae. As I said to Carmen, these posts are basic ideas connected with the cards. There is more to each than I can
      explain here, so further research is needed if they interst you.

  1. What a beautiful, compassionate card! Almost like human. Another good to find in a reading card. Thanks for your detailed explanations!

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. Yes, the qualities of the queen can be found in people. Please do realise that there is more to the cards than I can explain. Some
      of them are very complex in meaning. I’m glad you find my stuff enjoyable but I’d recommend you do your own research as well to build up your understanding. Thanks for visiting the blog.

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