Tuesday Treat Sexy to Go Volume Two.

nice strawberry ladyWelcome to this week’s Tuesday Treat which comes from the story collection

Sexy to Go.

SexyToGo_3DCover_BarnesNobleThis fabulous collection of 11 stories from some super writers is available now, just click the image.

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Here is your treat from my story in the collection First Contact.Enjoy.

Excitement now undeniable, she unhooked her bra and peeled it off, dumped it on top of her blouse on the floor. She rubbed at a line mark by the side of her breast and brushed her thumb against one nipple.
“You see. I have freed you from pain.”
No, not pain. We would call it discomfort.”
“I see. The rest, please.”
This is unfair. I can’t see you at all.” She eased off her panties and set them down. The leather chair stuck to her sweaty buttocks and she crossed her legs. “There. Alien pervert.
“What is this name?”
She had meant to keep that thought silent but hadn’t. “It’s a term of endearment. Like calling you a friend.
“Thank you, Clancy. I would like to be your friend. I have learned the term, darling, especially for you.”
Damn it, her stomach rolled with desire at the soft spoken words. Goosebumps rose on her skin as if warm chocolate trickled slow over her breasts, or a velvet glove stroked her thighs. She wanted to hear the endearment again. “This is crazy.
“Your pulse rate has risen and your skin surface temperature, too. You are aroused?”
No. I was too hot before, it’s just that.
A second or two passed.
“Another falsehood? One more and I will close down your consciousness and work on you alone.”

Sexy to Go, Volume 2

By: Leigh Ellwood | Other books by Leigh Ellwood
Daisy Banks | Other books by Daisy Banks
Ann Gimpel | Other books by Ann Gimpel
Jocelyn Dex | Other books by Jocelyn Dex
Tara Quan | Other bo oks by Tara Quan
Eva Lefoy | Other books by Eva Lefoy
Allyson Lindt | Other books by Allyson Lindt
Sofia Grey | Other books by Sofia Grey
Shiloh Saddler | Other books by Shiloh Saddler
Pamela Moran | Other books by Pamela Moran
Published By: Excessica Publishing
ISBN # 9781609829759

About the book

Sexy to Go is back with 11 new stories full of sensuous aliens,
shifters, stranded commuters, dominant husbands and naughty neighbors.
Check out what’s new in Volume 2 – we promise to tempt, tease, and
deliver the hotness you desire!

Lip Service by Tara Quan
Forced into a marriage of convenience, Damien discovers an intense attraction to his new bride. When Kailee’s past prevents their pleasure, this dominant groom must teach her the joys of submission.

Neighborhood Watch by Jocelyn Dex
Happily married Astral would never cheat on her husband, but when the moving guy next door sparks her exhibitionist fantasy, will she take it too far and get herself in trouble?

Blackout by Sofia Grey
A breakdown and blackout on the late train home, could be bad news. But for Anton, stuck in a carriage with the sexy stranger of his dreams, it could be the hottest encounter he’s ever had.

Roman’s Gold by Ann Gimpel
Devon’s been a cop for a long time, but he can’t get his latest target’s stunning body and coppery hair out of his mind. Maybe an afternoon delight will obliterate his fantasies—at least for a while.

Lust in Bloom by Shiloh Saddler
During cotton harvest Daniel and James spend their days picking and nights in each other’s arms. They must guard against a nosy neighbor intent on taking their farm and separating the lovers forever.

Roll Against Fantasy by Allyson Lindt
A daring trip to a topless beach goes from hot to scorching for Tasha when Ryan pushes all the right buttons, both physically and through fantasy, and strips away her inhibitions.

One More Chance by Nerika Parke
Eleven years ago, Calum was Ella’s first love, before her family moved away and they lost each other. With a chance to see him again, she is determined to finally put all thoughts of him in the past. But he proves harder to get over than she’d anticipated.

An Arresting Development by Leigh Ellwood
Shy, geeky Wynton’s idea of a good time is a marathon role playing game. After meeting Mitch, he’s tempted to put away his seven-sided dice and play something different.

Bound by the Beta by Eva Lefoy
Casi ventures to the alpine music hall once more, and meets a sexy new wolf. His kisses set her aflame, but after their lovemaking end he demands they mate. Will she run or will curiosity and her desire to see Dahlia again make her stay?

First Contact by Daisy Banks
Clancy hopes to claim first contact with an alien life force. When her dream comes true she agrees development of interstellar relations needs more interaction, and after their first encounter, she can hardly get enough.

Dreamwalker: Nightscape by Pamela Moran
Reggie and Cliff have a common goal: Keep her patient and his friend from being killed. If they can keep their hands off of each other, they might stand a chance of them all coming out of this alive.


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