Tuesday Treat. A sneaky peek at First Contact.

Welcome to Tuesday Treat.

nice strawberry ladyMy treat for you today is a little sneak peek from my short story First Contact that will appear later this month in Volume 2 of Sexy To Go. I am thrilled to be in such company in this compilation. Enjoy this little snippet.

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Excerpt from First Contact by Daisy Banks.

Her sense of her surroundings changed. The viewing room dimmed until the green light absorbed everything and she stood in a separate bubble from the heat. The room faded and so did the smoky stench. Fresh sounds rose. The high pitched clicks and screeches associated with dolphins, the roar of surf, the boom of whale song; a raucous combination which hit a peak, before slowly fading. Her fingers ached from gripping the handle of the coffee mug. Still, she couldn’t put it down.
A second later the voice she recognized spoke.
“Good evening, Clancy. Are you well?”
Smooth, sexy as hell to torment her, the male voice set ripples of anticipation tingling in her flesh. Her stomach rolled.
“There’s nothing to be afraid of, Clancy. I will keep you safe.”
“I can’t move!” The thought bounced in her brain.
“It is best that way until you are calm. I only want to observe.”
A low chuckle sounded, attractive and deeply masculine. Her heartbeat quickened, her mouth dried, and a rash of small shivers raised the fine hairs on her arms.
“You will help me. I need your assistance.”
“Let me move. Let me go.”
“You can put the object down.”
A wash of relief raced up her arm as finally she could set the cup down. She flexed her hand and then the frozen sensation returned.
“I want to be able to move.”
“In a little while you will. I need you to move for me the way you did last night.”
“No. Not again.”
“Is it not usual for your race to repeat the action?”
“That is a lie, Clancy. I know it and so do you. If you lie to me I will be unhappy.”
Shit. If it, him, he, was unhappy, what might happen?
“Exactly. You will have to share the emotion with me and be unhappy, too.”
The chair she’d moved slid up to nudge the back of her knees. She slumped down on to it with a gasp.
“Now you can move your hands and arms.”
As though someone else lifted her arm it raised and her hand flapped about as if tugged by another person. She fought to yank her arm down but the effort almost broke her wrist.
“I need to see your skin, Clancy. Take your garments off.”
Her whimper echoed loud in the silent space.
“Please help me to see you clearly.”
“This is not usual. My people don’t sit naked in front of each other.”
“But I am not one of your people. I need to see your skin.”

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