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ace of pentacles

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The card I drew today is one I was pleased to see:  the Ace of Pentacles. I love this particular design from the Enchanted Tarot. There is a buy link in the image if you wish to get this set of cards.

So why was I pleased to see this card. There are several reasons. This ace is indicative of fortunate new beginnings, of material gains, literally cash in your hands and stability. Plans you may have made will come to fruition and there is the chance for expansion too. But as ever with the Tarot you must put the work into your projects to reap the rewards. This ace is a heads up to use your opportunities well, to use your energy in all manner of practical ways to forge ahead. That too is a key feature, it’s no good deciding to spend your entire salary on Lottery Tickets and expect the ‘big life changing win’ from it. The ace gives you notice of success but you must be prudent, practical, sensible, and grounded in the real world to gain the prize.

Reversed meaning.

When this card appears reversed it can mean you are worrying about finances or you may need to consider your financial circumstances. It can also be a warning that you are not making best use of opportunities offered to you.

I base most of my discussions on the Tarot cards in a generalised way. If a questioner asks a specific question related to one matter then the implications from the cards may alter.


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