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Welcome to a very special Tuesday Treat. This is an 18+ treat and by continuing to read you acknowledge you are over 18.

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With the huge impact of Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I’d treat you to a special treat today with an excerpt from Timeless and the sequel To Eternity.


Excerpt from Timeless.

They descended the green, wrought iron spiral staircase to the kitchens. The rain-dampened ringlets of hair moved as she paced quickly through the door he held for her. The image of those lustrous coils wrapped tight around his hand as he tilted her head back to taste her mouth hovered. Swiveling around to face him, she seemed to pick up his thought, and a further widening of her pupils sent an electric hot flash to his groin. She blinked slowly.
Interesting. The barrier she drew against him when she closed her eyes proved surprising. Whether she knew it or not, she’d raised her hackles. Well, that wouldn’t last long should he choose to take her.
A surge of all the needs he’d subdued through the ages rocked him. Half an hour in her company and his control could be challenged to this level of extremity? Base, lustful instincts bubbled, powerful and infuriating. He waited for her to speak, but she didn’t.
While she glanced about the room, he squashed his thoughts, and though it proved a kind of torment to do so, drank in as much detail of her dainty–though strangely clad–form as he could.
“Maybe we can use this room. Put the main lights on for me?” He did as she asked, and her smile curved her cheek. “Yes, just right. Lovely.”
The stylus moved quickly over the computer pad she carried as she made more notes. “Okay, last request. Master bedroom, or the one you think best for us to use. Obviously we don’t want to tear you from your bed when the film crew gets here.” A slight breathy laugh, telling him more than she’d intended, followed her words. She wasn’t immune from him any more than he was from her. She’d absorbed his need as naturally as the air she breathed.
“I’ll show you the main guest room. The master suite is not available. No amount of money could make it so.” He held her green gaze.
The soft response surprised him. Since her arrival, she’d strode through his home like an advancing army. But let her think what she would. He’d not have her prowling through his most personal space, not with an iPad in her hand. A riot of images of her naked on his bed, her pale skin flushed and rosy with desire, her glossy mouth open in pleasure, her hair a flame on his pillows, rushed through him so he nearly gave up the pretense of humanity and hauled her into his arms. The control he exerted, the result of years of practice, made his palms damp.
She needed to leave.

Excerpt from To Eternity.

At the next shriek, he paused to look down. There, some way below where he stood, Sian’s white-knuckled hands clutched a thick tree root protruding from the black soil of the bank. He could also see a small ledge under her foot supporting her weight.
“Ah, so helpless,” he said as he ambled along. “I have to say, there are times when I worry about your psyche.” He crouched, reaching forward to grasp her.
“I slipped.”
A smile to delight him curved her cheek as he caught her beneath the arms and hauled her up. Once she stood on solid ground, he covered her mouth with his and lowered his hands until her sweet rounded ass sat in his palms. With her caught fast in his embrace, he swept at the back of her skirt to brush off the dirt, until she squirmed and whimpered in their kiss.
“I’m afraid, sometimes your desire to be captive is too much for me to refuse,” he explained before he gave her a hearty swat.
Green diamond bright, her widened gaze met his. Her lips parted with a gasp of surprise. The trees took on a hazy hue; the leaves falling to the forest floor became mere smudges of brown such as a child might paint. “Do you wish me to take control of the dream?” he asked before he kissed the warmth of her neck.
She angled her head, caught his lips, and took them captive with hers. The delight of her kiss swept away any need for further words. Abandoning their kiss, he hoisted her in his embrace, stepping away from the ledge. Her small feet scrambled in the leaf litter, as he backed her fast into the smooth bulk of an ash tree’s trunk. He hauled the delicate lace gown up as he pinned her in place. He wedged one thigh between hers, nudging and rolling against her pussy. His cock swelled solid in four heartbeats, eager for her. He molded his palm to her breast, enjoying the rigid lump of her nipple. “Now or later?”
She gave a small groan.
Answer enough for him.
His blood sang in his ears, for she wore no knickers. She hooked her thigh high and tight around his, clutched him closer. He needed no more encouragement. Fingers working quickly, he unlaced the hide breeches to free his erection to seek its warm, moist quarry.
“Oh, God.” She stilled as he sought her entrance. “Magnus, there, oh, yes.”
He held back for a second.
“Now, please. Oh, please.” She tilted her hips to try to guide him inside.


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  1. OMG I love these books so much! Magnus is amazing & Sian is everything an Alpha needs in a mate. Especially a sense of humor! Do we get more books in their world? Please?

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