Sexy Sunday Snippet.


Welcome to this week’s Sexy Sunday Snippets thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers, click the image above to find their Sexy Snippets page. This weekly challenge they set of finding 7 sexy sentences from a work in progress or a published work always proves entertaining. I hope you enjoy the 7 sentences I’ve picked from my story Marked for Magic, published by Lyrical Press,  a Kensington Imprint.


Marked for Magic is available on the 28th of April but you can pre-order

by clicking the cover.

I hope you enjoy this Snippet.

The little smile she gave carved a deep gouge through his heart. She could write her name there if she wished.
Her hands slid around the back of his neck, and her mouth, sweet as honey, covered his.
The sun blazed above him, for she had pushed him back, her tongue flickering over his, warm and butterfly soft. Lost in her scent, his earlier noble intentions flew like a soap bubble into the afternoon light.
He stroked her back, down the long length of her silken hair, and cupped her buttocks to pull her closer, tight to him. The need for her swelled and pulsed hot against his robe.

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