Time for Tarot. 9 of Pentacles.

Today’s Time for Tarot.

Nine of Pentacles.

9 of pentacles

I was truly delighted to draw this card today.
The image is a very lovely one. This comes from the Rider Waite deck and there is a buy link in the image if you wish to get a pack of cards.
This lovely lady is strolling in a fruitful garden, dressed in her best with her exotic and expensive pet. Coins surround her.
There is an air of satisfaction to this card and I would think anyone would be delighted to have this card in their reading.
The 9 of pentacles signifies gain, accumulation and increase. It is a card that denotes monetary stability and gains from perhaps unexpected sources. In romance this card signifies satisfaction in a relationship, developments in an existing partnership which will bring great joy. If this card appears regarding work you are in for improvements and well deserved recognition for you efforts.
Overall this is a very positive card.

Reversed meaning.
Even if this card appears reversed it still carries a benevolence for the person asking for guidance from the tarot. When reversed the card holds a warning not to rest on your laurels, to continue with your efforts and make the most of opportunities as they arise.


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