Time for Tarot. The Six of Swords.

This feature has been missing from the blog for a few weeks due to the demands of the holidays and my efforts at blogging in celebration of the release of To Eternity.

However, as I promised, it’s now back, and today’s card is the 6 of swords.


This is the card I drew from my tarot pack today. This is a beautiful design for the tarot. It’s called the Enchanted Tarot and if you click the image there is a buy link.
As ever with these single drawn cards I am looking at the overall card meaning and not something for a specific tarot reading.
The 6 of swords is given the title ‘passage’ in the Enchanted set, and depicts passengers in a boat. Many images for the 6 of swords share this idea of the journey by water. The notion behind it is at last the person who has drawn the card, the questioner if you will, is moving to calmer times. They have passed through the storm, gained in wisdom from their efforts and now approach a secure harbour where they will find peace, at least for a time.
For the questioner, the journey may have been physical, emotional or psychological or even a mixture of all three. Their courage will have been tested by the difficulties they had to face. There may be a sense of regret to leave the old life behind but sometimes we can only move on by making a break with the past.
Now, there is the environment or situation where a new set of opportunities will open up.

Reversed Meaning.

What is the impact if the 6 of swords appears reversed? In this case the meaning is that the necessary changes the questioner needs to make, though they may be recognised, are not happening. The forces preventing them could be anything from external influences to internal resistance to change. This card should prompt some self examination to try to establish where the blocks to change are and how to deal with them.
As ever these are my generalised thoughts on a cards. There are deeper meanings to be found on further study.

Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. The Six of Swords.

  1. What a lovely positive card to draw out of the pack. Let’s hope life quietens down for you and Yes, you will be stronger from now on. A bit like: “I’ve survived all this turmoil, I can survive anything”. Calmer days full of creativity.

  2. Oh, I like this card as you say it implies a journey that has overcome the storms and is coming to calmer shores. I think I see 2 people on the boat. Perhaps someone helps you to reach the bank. Thank you for the reading and hope it is a good sign for you. Wishing loads of health to your mother!

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. I do hope you are right. Mom’s little op has made a big diffence for her. At least she can eat with no more worries at present.

    • Thanks for commenting, Flossie. I love this deck. A friend gave it me as a gift and I use it often.
      Agreed, calmer times will be beneficial, and the odd thing is, even as I only draw the cards for the blog not actually for a reading
      I do think the meanings have more than a hint of heads up for me.

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