Sexy Snippet Sunday A Snippet from To Eternity.


Welcome to this week’s Sexy Snippet thanks to Nuthouse Scribblers and their seven sentence challenge. Visit the Sexy Snippets page by clicking on the logo. You can also use the grid at the bottom of the page to find the other authors participating.

My seven sentences today come from my new book To Eternity, the sequel to Timeless.

To Eternity is out tomorrow and is available in print as well as ebook. Timeless is also now available in print. I have to say I am very excited about all the events going on for the blog tour. Please drop by the blog tomorrow morning to see the schedule of events, there are prizes and giveaways, a chance to join me for afternoon tea, and more.

To Eternity

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His thought powered through her, melted her bones and she relaxed
against him. Desire smoldered in her skin, so her nipples hardened in
anticipation of his caresses. She moved her mouth from his. “Then do it,
Magnus. Please, I’ll beg if I must. Do it. Make me your mate.”

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8 thoughts on “Sexy Snippet Sunday A Snippet from To Eternity.

    • Thanks you, Flossie. It was only when I read back through it to pick excerpts I realise how intense this thing is.
      I think of it kind of like an Argentine Tango. The dance of love is swift, raw and sometimes brutal.

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