Sexy Snippets Sunday


Welcome to Sunday Snippets this solstice Sunday, thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers weekly challenge. Seven sexy sentences from a work in progress or a published work.

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As today is the winter solstice and tonight is longest night I couldn’t resist taking my snippet from my story Longest Night Loving that appears in the Silken Sheets and Seduction anthology, Hot Holiday Treats. Enjoy, and there is a buy link if you click the cover.

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Longest Night Loving

The sheer impact of his physicality stilled all the other thoughts except she stood naked but for stockings, and she stood this way because he wanted to look at her. She lifted her chin a little and walked over to the table. She didn’t rush and his smile as she approached made her glad she hadn’t hurried.
“Your wine.” He put the cup in her hand as she sat beside him and once more his thumb grazed against her lower lip. “I like the shimmery stuff.” He bent and kissed her so gently each of her nipples glowed hot.


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