Sexy Snippets To Eternity


Welcome to this weeek’s Sexy Snippets, curtesy of Nuthous Scribblers and the weekly challenge they offer.

Pick seven sentences from a work in progress or published work for readers to enjoy.

With the 5th of January release day for To Eternity getting so close I want to share seven sentences from this story with you. I hope you enjoy this little snippet.

To Eternity

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The trees took on a hazy hue; the leaves falling to the forest floor became mere smudges of brown such as a child might paint. “Do you wish me to take control of the dream?” he asked before he kissed the warmth of her neck.
She angled her head, caught his lips, and took them captive with hers. Abandoning their kiss, he hoisted her in his embrace, stepping away from the ledge. Her small feet scrambled in the leaf litter, as he backed her fast into the smooth bulk of an ash tree’s trunk. He hauled the delicate lace gown up as he pinned her in place.

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