Time for Tarot. Two of Cups.

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My apologies I skipped this post last week.

This was the card I drew last week. I was thrilled to pick it. Sadly, I didn’t have time to post on it so I have chosen to do so today.


This lovely card is from The Old English Tarot pack and you can get a set here.


This card, when upright, is always a joy to have in a reading. For romance it represents the happiness of a couple in partnership, if you are looking for love this card shows you have every chance of finding it with your chosen partner. One little warning be aware not to exclude others as you experience the power of love.

If your query is about business then you have the opportunity to work in union with a like minded individual who will support and help you. Fabulous.

Likewise if you question was about money. You will get the support you need to achieve your goals.

Sadly, if this card appears reversed the above meanings are reversed and the card warns you of troubles in relationships. Depending on cards around it in the spread these difficulties might be overcome with some consideration and effort, or you may wish to ponder if the effort you put in is worth continuing.


4 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. Two of Cups.

  1. I like the idea of harmony and partnership or love this card implies. Thanks for the explanation! Definitely a card I’d like to have in a reading.

    • Thanks so much for commenting, Carmen. I have to say when I drew this card I was happy to see it.
      There are some lovely examples of the two of cups in several packs. I like this particular image.

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