Sexy Snippet Sunday


Welcome to Sexy Snippet Sunday thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers weekly challenge.

Each week a group of authors offers seven sexy sentences from a work in progress or a published work.  My seven sentences today come from my story Longest Night Loving. This is one of the eight stories in the Hot Holiday Treats anthology created by authors from the Silken Sheets and Seduction group. Click the title to enjoy the fabulous trailer made by Sofia Grey.

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Enjoy the snippet.

He ran his tongue over her bottom lip. “I want you, bright angel.”

A tiny whimper escaped, because he swept the gown up her leg so she could part her thighs, and urged her onto the muscle of his. Her clit throbbed greedy to accept the heightened sensations.

She mashed her lips against his again and accepted his probing tongue, rubbed her body shamelessly against him. He swept her along and deeper into pleasure, rolling her hip with his palm, so she rocked on his thigh in time to the tick of the clock. Lost to anything but him, she closed her eyes, breathed deep and rhythmic, and clung tight, eager for everything he could give her.

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