Tuesday Treat from Hot Holiday Treats.

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Welcome to Tuedsay Treat and today the post comes from Hot Holiday Treats, the 8 story anthology from the ladies at Silken Sheets and Seduction.

HHTBanner ThunderclapThese stories range from saucy to sizzling and have got some fabulous reviews. Click the image to buy.

Here is a link to the fabulous trailer made by the very talented Sofia Grey. You will love it.

Today I am offering a short excerpt from my story in the anthology Longest Night Loving.

At last his visitor had arrived. How he loathed tardiness, and on such a special occasion, too. He gave the cursed box a flick with his fingernail and headed down the first flight of steps to the square lobby before the final descent to the ground floor.
At the turn on the stairs, the vista from the room below met him and he froze. Angels visited the earth on rare occasions, but tonight one had strayed into his home and stood before the wide hearth. He almost turned back. Surely, if he took her, whichever deity she served would be furious.
No, they weren’t furled wings, but the panels of the white cloak flung back over her shoulders. He’d not seen the like of her thistledown silvery gown for centuries. She rubbed at her arms with delicate hands and raised her blond head to look up the stairs.
So beautiful.
She smiled, and his heart lurched in a bigger response, one some might call emotional. No angel this, the spark in her eyes as her gaze met his lit his hopes. He could not leave her to stand in waiting. He fought to still an answering smile as he continued down the stairs. Tonight wasn’t about smiles.


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