Time for Tarot Something different.

This week I thought it might be a good idea to look at a simple tarot lay out, using some of the cards already discussed.

I’ve picked a three card layout often used for questions about an issue. This is known as the past, present and future lay out.

To begin my best advice is to focus your thoughts on the issue concerning you. If it is something big I tend to simply ask for guidance.

For example it might be “Give me guidance on my new job?”

Shuffle the cards and focus on the question.  There are lots of ideas about how to shuffle, left to right or right to left turning cards or not. I think the best way is what feels comfortable. Cut the pack of cards after you shuffle and select the top three cards one after the other.

The first is in this lay out represents past influences, the second represents present influences and the third card future influences.

the-moon-3-Crystal visions tarot. chariot2The Magician

I have selected these cards as an imaginary reading and will offer a simple reading based on them.

The first thing I’d say is this is an important matter because these are all major cards meaning their influence is strong.

The Moon in the past postition shows all was not well with the past, there was perhaps confusion, lack of clarity, maybe disillusionment, all these things may well have led to the search for a new job.

The present card in this instance is the Chariot and it shows things have moved on quite swiftly, you have taken control of your circumstances and are moving forward. You are happy with the changes you have made.

The third card here, representing the future, is the Magician who shows you your change of job is a positive one, where opportunities for all kinds of progress are possible if you take the chances given to you.

As ever with the tarot, the cards can show you possibilities, they can’t do the job for you. If you don’t make positive actions in any situation the cards won’t make up for that lack of effort. They are a tool to help you on your path and should be seen in that light.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this little imaginary reading. If you found today’s post helpful do let me know.

Thanks for reading

Daisy Banks


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  1. Wow! I’d like to have such a great layout. All positive ahead. And you are right. The cards only show you the way. If you don’t act, don’t follow the path, nothing will change. Thank you for the reading!

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