Time for Tarot. Four of Swords.

Welcome to Time for Tarot.

Welcome to Time for Tarot.

This post is a day late appearing. Today’s card is the Four of Swords.

My thoughts and explanations are at a simple level to help beginners with the tarot explore the cards. I am not an expert reader and I rarely offer readings for other people.

All that said, I enjoy working with the Tarot. This time I drew the four of swords. Yes, you who know me well know I have been working hard in several areas of my life, so this card is not a surprise.


This image is from the Rider Waite pack. Click to purchase.

The imagery in this card is a bit scary. Laid out on a slab, your sword at your side and three others above that might be about to fall. The stained glass window allows the sun to warm you as you lie so still.

Yep, that’s pretty scary. You are lying on the top of your tomb like an ancient knight returned from battle.

Should you be afraid of this card in a reading?

In my humble opinion, no.

What is this card trying to tell you?

You have fought, you have tried your best and now you must take your ease. You gave it your best shot but you have to realise that now is the time where you should reflect on the results of all your efforts. This card is quite serious in yelling at you, lie down and rest.

In some Tarot packs this card is shown as a person meditating. That is part of its meaning, too.

I like this card as I think it gives me a breathing space to reflect, learn and prepare to move on in the next part of my journey.

Reversed reading.¬†Finding this card reversed in a reading means the individual should seriously consider taking a rest. This isn’t the time to push on through the limits but recognise them and consider them.

I do enjoy your feedback regarding my interpretations of the card and its symbolism. Do comment about this.


2 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. Four of Swords.

  1. You are right, scary. The first sight of the card made me think of illness, serious one, of inability either mental or physical to go on with your daily duties. Perhaps you need to find a bit of time for rest. I’m sure I won’t like to see it in a reading. But you also say it implies meditation. A little better. I’d rather take this positive interpretation than what came to my mind. Thank you!

    • Hi Carmen. Thanks for commenting, and yes, I’ve seen that interpretation offered, but strangely when I have drawn this card in the past
      it’s never meant what I would consider a truly serious illness. Perhaps its a personal interpretation, but to me this one means heed the warning, stop and rest, before
      something comes to stop you.
      The meditation side of it is based on the light from the window where the world of the spirit offers comfort to the prone figure.

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