Sexy Snippet Sunday


My Sunday Sexy Snippet, courtesy of Nuthouse Scribblers weekly challenge, comes from my up coming release, To Eternity, published by Lyrical Press, A Kensington Imprint. I am so excited to share the cover of my new book and snippets from this story with you.

The sequel to Timeless, To Eternity, takes you on a passionate journey to the founding of a new werewolf dynasty.

To Eternity

Wild Beneath The Moon.

Available for pre-order if you click the image. To be released on 5th January 2015.

My seven sentences from To Eternity.

A fragile, starlit lattice of ice stilled any movement on the lake’s surface. He hurried across the causeway to the pagoda.

Each step on the boards of the jetty crackled and crunched, snapping the delicate icy crust from the walkway. Inside, in the gloom, he huddled in his robe on the day bed where he and Sian had first made love in the flesh, what seemed like so long ago. Though the search for peace drove him here, her scent still lingered to tease his senses. Memories of peeling her from her cashmere business trousers stoked the embers of his desire. He tried and failed to close off the recollection of her pleasure cries. Tonight they powered through his body as they had that day, charging his desire, tormenting his senses so he ached with a terrible longing.

Other authors taking part in this week’s Sexy Snippets can be found here. Do read and please comment if you can.


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