Sexy Sunday Snippets from Hot Holiday Treats


Welcome to this Sunday’s Sexy Snippets thanks to Nuthouse Scribblers.

Each week authors take up the seven sentence challenge and offer readers a snippet of something special, sensual and, or, sexy from their work.

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My Sexy Snippets today come from my story in this anthology. I am so thrilled to be included in this work by the ladies from @SilkenSheets and believe me they have worked so hard to make this happen. Click the image for a buy link to 8 stories to warm the coldest winter nights.

     My snippet is below. Do enjoy.

HHTBanner Thunderclap

“Tell me, fair angel, what do you see?”

She shook her head, full of fear to tell him and could scarce believe her eyes. “I…”

The tiny figures, reflected in the crimson glossed interior of the box, rolled together on a massive four-poster bed with shimmering silken sheets. Strands of his long copper hair draped about her body as she clung tight in his embrace. Her hips moved with a hypnotic rhythm as she answered his thrusts. Her miniature image gave high-pitched, kittenish mewls.


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