Time for Tarot Ace of Wands


I am so pleased the card I drew today to help me develop this blog was the Ace of Wands. This image is from one of my favourite Tarot packs, the Gilded Tarot. You can buy the pack if you click the link on the image.

The Ace of Wands is like all other aces in the tarot, full of energy and with this card being wands its points to energies linked to new begins, beneficial changes that can be developed to remove negative elements in life. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes the Ace of Wands offers news of opportunities that should be grasped. Those chances may seem like a quirk of fate but if you have this card in your reading be alert for the chance of new developments. 

This card is especially fortuitous in areas of creativity and may herald the beginning of new projects, which is another reason I am thrilled to have drawn the card today.

Reversed meaning.

This is one card that even with a reversed meaning is still beneficial. The energies of the Ace of Wands are still powerful but perhaps you may have a little more difficulty finding those chances or accepting them. Perhaps it might be a good time for getting some advice regarding your plans for the future.

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