Time for Tarot The Chariot.


This image is from the Golden Dawn pack. Click to purchase. Warning. This pack is expensive.

The card I have chosen today is one of the major cards and brings with it the sense of speed. This card shows a young man dressed in his best, who hurtles down the road in his chariot with his fabulous team of horses. I like the image from the Golden Dawn tarot pack. This was a pack I used a lot when I first became interested in Tarot.

I always pleased to see the Chariot. The card carries with it the confidence that you are on the right track and heading toward the place where you want to be even if the road is a little convoluted. Along with this is also the idea of news, momentous events and travelling are all wrapped into the meaning of this card. Of course, as with any tarot reading other cards can have and influence on this one but I always see this as a very positive card. There is the sense of control of your destiny with this card and self confidence to take control and push events forward. In fact, if you don’t take command like the charioteer, then you’ll end up going no where, an interesting element to this card which can be seen as a warning.

If the Chariot appears reversed in a reading it might warn you to get the car checked over, or it could offer the gloomy tidings that a stituation is best left behind and you need to move on. The reversed Chariot can also indicate a person is stuck in a rut, going no where despite their effots. Each of these ideas is possible depending on the question asked and other cards around it.

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Daisy Banks


4 thoughts on “Time for Tarot The Chariot.

  1. Interesting card indeed! Yes, it suggests speed, movement, heading towards your goal with determination and will power. Can the different color of the horses suggest something? You, mastering mind and body? Or mastering the rein of you want to do and what should be done?
    Thank you!

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. Some decks have horses the same colour and some had sphinx heads. There is a lot of depth to this card I couldn’t cover everything in this post.

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