Tarot. The Five of Pentacles.

5ofpenticles-345x600This image is from the Rider Waite Tarot click it to buy.

In my Time for Tarot post this week I asked readers to consider this card and share their thoughts with me about it. There were some amazing responses and I have to say everyone who offered me ideas had a very good inkling of what this card represents. The figures scurrying along in the snow look tragic, barefoot and dressed in rags they suffer serious lack and the walk with their back to the light.

Yes, this card can warn of hard times to come, through folly, bad decision making or sheer ill luck, the means of a person who draws this card in a reading are challenged. The answers to, ill luck, foolishness or poor decisions will usually come from the other cards around this one in a reading, and of course where it sits in a reading. If the card is in the past, the place I’d hope to see it, the meaning is the time of financial trial is over and the person has overcome or is in the process of overcoming the difficulities.

One key thing to note in the card is the way the figures have their back to the light streaming from the decorated window. For some reason they have turned their backs to what might be a source of help or support. This may be something to tell the person you are reading for, or ask them about people who might help them in a difficult period of time. There is a subtle message here, there may be suffering but there is help or support available if you take what is offered.

This is not an easy card for any reading but it does offer hope and challenges the sitter to consider themselves and their actions.


This is one instance when a reversed meaning is better than an upright one. The time of loss is over, new opportunities arise offering hope, there is or will very soon be an improvement in circumstances. The sitter is no longer alone dealing with their problems.

I hope you agree with my evaluation of the Five of Pentacles. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts those of you who did, and thanks to everyone reading this.

Daisy Banks


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