Time for Tarot. The Magician.

The Magician

This image is from the Rider Waite Tarot. There is a link so you can buy a pack if you wish.

Today’s Tarot card is one of my favourites. I see this card and magic springs to mind. In essence I think the Magician represents the wonder of taking opportunities, the magic of gaining new knowledge and skills. This is a very powerful, positive card in general and carries with it a great deal of energy. This card stands for the gaining of wisdom, of awareness and of learning. Communication is also a part of the skills of the Magician and the card can also indicate travel as a learning experience. All these positive things show the person the reading is for, has the ability to bring about the changes they may wish for, but as ever with the Tarot, there can also be a warning here, depending on the other cards in the reading and the question asked. The Magician can warn of double dealing, of market day tricks and tricksters, or that the person the reading is for is in danger of falling under the spell of a charismatic individual up to no good.

Another aspect of the Magician is the understanding of the elements of the minor suits in the tarot pack. Only in this card do we see the image of swords, pentacles, wands and cups laid before us. Swords represent the thinking part of the individual, cups the emotions, pentacles are related to money and wands to creativity. By showing you his skill in dealing with these things the Magician offers you the insight that you too, can control these aspects of your life by gaining wisdom.

This is one card where the meaning even if the card appears reversed still carries positive qualities. The Magician reversed could signify you are dubious about making necessary changes, ignoring a positive aspect perhaps from concerns at its impact on your life, or are hesitating when you should push ahead.

This is a very complex card and I have covered what I consider to be the main elements to it. I would love to hear from you your thoughts on this card and its meaning.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


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  1. I agree with you that it is full of positive energy. Magician, a very powerful character. The one who can change all around him according to his wish. All suits symbols are in his possession. His hands link the heaven above with the earth down. Thank you for the detailed explanations. I like that your reading is on a deck that, I hope, my girls will get for me. GRIN!

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