Sexy Snippet Sunday


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Welcome to Sexy Snippet Sunday with thanks to Nuthouse Scribblers. Every week a group of authors meet the challenge of offering 7 sexy sentences from a work in progress or a published work. This week I am offering 7 sentences from my book Timless published by Lyrical Press, a Kensington Imprint.


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Magnus opened the door, and his gaze locked on hers. He knew. She fought to remain standing, gripped the doorjamb for support. Not only did he know, but he wanted her to understand that he knew. The realization coiled around her tight as gaffer tape. His dark eyes held the calculating flash of hunting yellow, and she stifled the urge to run, to race away as fast as she could…with the prayer he’d follow and capture her. “Sorry I’m late again,” she said, breathed in his cologne, and tried to catch hold of her sanity.

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    • Thanks for commenting, Elsa. I am very fond of this story for lots of reasons and its been fun to revisit it
      as I’m just finishing the editing process on the sequel.

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