Time for Tarot. The Moon.

the-moon-3-Crystal visions tarot.

Welcome to today’s Time for Tarot. The card I’ve chosen today is The Moon. This version of the card from Crystal Visions is very romantic. You can buy a deck in this version if you click on the image.
Now, I am certain all moon lovers and those of you who know me out there will be expecting me to wax lyrical about this card. Perhaps it might surprise you when I say I’m afraid there is more to this card than the silvery beams.
The Moon deals with intuition, creativity and emotions. These elements in life can be very powerful and this card can show there is an important need for balance.
When I see the moon in a reading I get a tingle down my spine. This card shows can also something somewhere is not what it seems. There may be deception, often this is self-deception because The Moon shows us there are things we need to face up to, rather like the child who fears the closet monster, we need to open the door and look the thing in the eye, if it exists and if it doesn’t we need to laugh at our folly. We need to accept our fears and learn to overcome them. There can also be a confusion of choices highlighted by the Moon, and as this is a major card I’m not talking about the choice of what to have for dinner that evening.
The real moon, when it is full, turns night into a mystical world of shine and shadows. Things don’t always look the same in moonlight, perception is distorted and this is another aspect of this card. Our footing might not be as sound as we’d like, we could have been lured from our normal way of thinking by a new idea that seems perfect, but when we examine the fundamentals its allure is illusion.
This card also deals with creativity and artistry. Perhaps you have experienced the development of an artistic projects and been swept away by the energies involved. The Moon shows the imagination is hard at work. This element of the meaning of this card can show unexpected opportunities arise and need to be evaluated.
The story of the tarot is the story of a journey to wisdom. The Moon is the card that says you are on your way to acquiring judgement even if you don’t necessarily like it. You can’t hide away and pretend it is not so, you have to accept your inner judgement and use it in an adult way to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the powers of the Moon..
Reversed Meaning.
If this card appears reversed in a reading it highlights lack of balance in emotions, confusion, and the inability to make a choice, often due to fear. Lack of progress due to these factors can lead to frustration.
You need to try to gain balance, to find calm and the clarity of mind to recognise the difficulty in an issue and examine your choices regarding it. This is a card of lies and deceit as well as self-deception. Be wary and on you guard.

I would love your thoughts on my comments about this card, please let me know.
A note on these posts becoming a block feature. I am in the process of collating them to put together as a body. It might take me a little time but I will have them as a bulk read in the same way the craft pieces are. Thanks for the suggestion I do that.

Thank you for reading.
Daisy Banks


6 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. The Moon.

  1. Very detailed reading of the card. Thanks for it. One question and please, forgive my ignorance. To what group does it belong: pentacles, wands, etc?
    I see you already mentioned in your reply to Flossie, what I wanted to ask – if the meaning is changed if the moon appears in a spread or accompanied by other cards.
    I liked your explanation and I think it fits – mystery, deception, nothing is as it seems as its light is deceptive. And if we think that the moon influences both humans ( lunacy, mental diseases are enhanced, violence), and the earth( quakes are frequent during full moon), I think it may refer to danger of some kind, to things being threatened in some way.

    • Hi Carmen, I’m glad you found this useful. I would suggest you look the meaning up and check out other peoples thoughts on it. I don’t trust myself with the Moon.
      The Moon is a major arcana card. It is an important card, one of the main cards that represent the journey of an individual on the path seeking wisdom. It belongs to no suit such as wands, pentacles, swords or cups. The suits of cards all have meaning but it is always of less influence than a major card.
      My thoughts are don’t see too much danger, but do see the need for clarity, for composure, and recognition of circumstances. Hope that helps a bit.

  2. I like your interpretation. While the moon shows the truth of our inner world, often hidden and suppressed, the sun shows the outside world of public reality. Although we think of the sun as reality, I suggest the sun is also deceptive, in that reality shows us only the physical world of our senses. There is much truth below the surface that the sun doesn’t catch. And there lies the dark and mysterious world of the moon. I guess we need them both. Love your tarot posts.

    • Thank you so much, Flossie, for such a detailed post. I really worried about putting my thoughts regarding the Moon on the blog.
      I still struggle to isloate what this card exactly means in a reading and often its softened or altered by the cards around it.
      I think the idea of shade and light, whether moonlight or sunlight is an iteresting concept. Thanks again.

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