A woman with a sword in her hand.

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My latest historical has proved entertaining to write so far. The heroine is a young lady in great need of education and as I researched a suitable curriculum for such a headstrong young woman I discovered some ladies took up fencing as a sport. This discovery frees me to write of fencing lessons for my heroine and gives a reality to the story I had hoped to use.

I have to admit to sometimes getting irritated with females leads in films as they stomp about in boots waving a sword trying to convince us they know what they are doing. Here, I have found something much more realistic, the opera singer and fencing mistress,  Julie Aubigny. You can read about her life, exploits, the gossip about her lifestyle too, here.


This little bit of research took me deeper into discovering about women who fenced and even took part in duels.

duel-topless-bayard-two1     You can find out more about the emancipated duels and the women who took part in them at this informative website.  http://www.fscclub.com/history/duel-topl-e.shtml

Émile Bayard.Painting and Postcards. An Affair of Honor



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