Tuesday Treat from David Lawrence Morris. Spots.

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Welcome to Tuesday Treat and today’s treat comes to you from a fabulous new book by David LawrenceMorris.

Spots released yesterday.

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Here you have a lovely snippet to enjoy.

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Mark discovers the beginning of the side effect

After I had completed about a week’s treatment, I was thrilled to see the white areas already had begun to darken just a bit. I had been told to stop avoiding the sun and go about my day normally. Sun exposure was important and getting adequate exposure was part of this trial. I wasn’t sure at first whether the spots were getting darker or whether I was getting less dark elsewhere. It was enough that I decided to fill out the form telling Dr. Thomas I thought the light spots were starting to get darker. That day in the mail I received another bottle of ninety pills with a nice little letter from Hillary. I was thrilled. I never expected to get a second bottle so soon. Very soon the pale skin darkened enough that, except for my face, the rest of the differences were barely noticeable. I was spending time in the sun getting back my rich golden tan and anxious for my social life to start up again.
Each week I documented each and every change and mailed in the paperwork to Hillary as instructed.
As I was getting ready for the very first social function I had pushed my way into, as a means of renewing my good standing in the community, I noticed the patches on my face were barely noticeable. When I shaved that day the residue on my razor looked funny. It was different in color really. At first I thought I hadn’t cleaned it very well, but then I realized the whiskers which had gradually turned white over the years were now their original deep brown color and had become thicker, reminding me of what it was like shaving when I was younger. Immediately I stripped and did a full body examination. Besides my whiskers, I found the whitest areas on my head were beginning to grow out. There were similar changes in color and texture. The white hairs that had plagued my chest and pubic area were still there, but at the base was a new darker hair shaft.
I ran for the forms Dr. Thomas had given me and began to write down these side effects. It looked so awful to me that I decided to shave my head. I hoped to let it start to grow again soon. I just couldn’t stand the idea of coloring it, and this seemed so much more natural. It would come out slowly, and people might not be as shocked by a slow change. I remember thinking about women who had brown hair and bleached it blonde, then let it grow out again. What was happening to me reminded me of that look. I couldn’t go around with brown roots and white hair. What would everyone think? The only real thing to do was shave it all off or color everything. I could just imagine myself with hair dye all over my body. That wasn’t going to happen.


Spots is the story of a man who retires only to discover that he is losing pigment in patches on his body. Working to discover someone who can cure him he stumbles across a medical trial. He is given medication but something goes wonderfuly wrong.

Spots is published by Hartwood Publishing (previously Taliesin)

About the author:

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I write Science Fiction. I guess I should say Science Fiction Romance because a book without a romance just never seems quite right in my estimation.

My goal is to get you involved on the first page. Then get the story to you as soon as I can and keep you wanting to turn the page to find out what happens next.

If I can do that I’ve done a good job.



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